(Toll Free number ) Local Business Telephone Number
  • Choose your own dedicated local business telephone number in a specific market.
  • You can live and work in one city while having a (V)WeCare number in another.
Online Access
  • As the owner of your number you will have full online access to manage your (V)WeCare, review messages, and run call reports.
  • A portal or a panel through which the details of calls received could be generated.
  • Related information like call duration, number of calls can be fetched.
Voicemail Delivery to Email
  • Have your voicemails instantly converted to audio files (MP3 or WAV) and forwarded as an attachment to your email address.
  • Each email includes date, time, caller id and call duration. Emails can be copied to multiple recipients.
  • Callers will have plenty of time to leave messages with the 3 minute message record time.
  • If you have a special application that requires more than 3 minutes then contact our sales department.
Internet Fax
  • Receive faxes with your (V)WeCare number.
  • Your number will automatically accept faxes and send them to your email inbox (as PDF or TIF attachments) and to your online account.
Call Patching
  • When you are away from the work station or off the work location, you can still receive all the calls redirected to your given telephone number.
  • A feature through which we keep you posted on the calls activity.
Call Recordings
  • When you want the recording of any conversation during day, week, month.
Free Toll Free Number
  • We offer toll free number on which the calls will be not chargeable.

(V)WeCare's hosted services provide you with your own local (or toll-free) business telephone number that will take multiple simultaneous calls, each answered with your greeting. There are an overwhelming number of benefits to using our services. A few are mentioned below.

Easy to Use
  • Online setup wizard allows for easy and fast setup
  • Automated operator assisted help menus
  • Sound like a Fortune 500 company
  • Music on hold
  • Call queuing with custom hold scripts
  • Transfer live callers to another extension
  • Unified communications keep all your communications under one number
  • Allows you to work virtually anywhere
  • All your messages and faxes are in one place
  • Connect all your employees as if they were in one office
Save Money
  • No hardware/software to purchase or maintain
  • No fax line required for sending/receiving faxes
  • Free local or toll free number
  • Bundled minutes ensure you only pay for what you use
  • Business Intelligence call reports to maximize productivity
Maximize Productivity
  • Screen callers and only take calls when you want
  • Status profiles allow for presence management
  • Notification of messages to any android device