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Limitation of Liability

You agree that (v)WeCare will not be responsible for any direct, indirect, incidental, punitive, consequential, or special damages, losses, lost profits, obligations, liabilities, claims and expenses (including reasonable attorneys' fees and other costs and expenses of any suit, action, investigation, claim, or proceeding) of any kind whatsoever (whether based in contract, tort, strict liability or otherwise), sustained or incurred by you as a result of your use of the service or the use of your service account by another (whether or not authorized by you), including the loss, delay or inaccuracy of any voice mail, e-mail or other message or service, any loss of confidentiality of any voice mail, e-mail or other message intended to be confidential, or as a result of any suspension, interruption or cancellation of service (even if (v)WeCare has been advised of the possibility of such damages). In no event will the aggregate liability of (v)WeCare for any and all claims (whether based in contract, tort, strict liability or otherwise), exceed the amount paid by you to (v)WeCare for service rendered in the most recent billing period.
It is your responsibility to test your system before any advertising is run to ensure the system is functioning properly and can be accessed from your area. (v)WeCare bears no responsibility for reimbursement of advertising costs due to a failure to test the system by the subscriber, prior to advertising.
(v)WeCare is not responsible for damages that result from phone numbers, services, or messages that are unavailable at the time of request.

Fraudulent Use of the Services

(v)WeCare helps protect you against fraudulent use of your Services with private user names and passwords, credit card verification upon sign up, and daily and monthly usage limits. You are responsible for controlling access to and maintaining the security of your user name and password. You shall notify (v)WeCare of any user names and passwords which are lost, stolen, or suspected of being used fraudulently by contacting (v)WeCare customer service. You agree you are liable for all charges incurred prior to and within thirty (30) minutes after you request (v)WeCare customer service to deactivate your user names and passwords. You agree to not engage in or assist others in fraudulent use of the Services.

Monetary Transactions

All (v)WeCare transactions are based and calculated on the U.S. Dollar and you agree to pay (v)WeCare for all rates and charges. Charges will begin accruing on the date (v)WeCare receives your written, verbal or online application. A subscription to the Service may require a credit card number or voided check for billing, depending on your program. By providing your credit card information or voided check, you grant (v)WeCare authorization to submit charges to that credit card number or to debit your bank account for your use of the Service each month.
The rates for a Service period are charged in advance of the upcoming period of service. All usage charges based on "per minute" rates will be billed in arrears based on actual usage. Any other applicable charges (such as setup fee, surcharges, taxes, etc.) will also be billed to you. You acknowledge that the amount charged by (v)WeCare may vary based on your usage of the Service. All invoices are due upon receipt. Any charges left unpaid for 30 days will be subject to a monthly service fee of the lesser of 1.5% of the outstanding balance, or the maximum legally allowable interest rate. If charges applied to our credit card or bank account are rejected, (v)WeCare reserves the right to assess a processing fee.
Prices are valid on a month-to-month basis and (v)WeCare reserves the right to change or update pricing at any time. (v)WeCare will make reasonable efforts to notify customers of any change in pricing by sending communications to a customer's default email address, sending a letter by US Mail, contacting customers at the phone number on file, or any combination of these methods. Customers will receive notice a minimum of 30 days before any price change.
If you place your account "on hold" or "on vacation," it will be facilitated upto three months from the invoice date.Such amendements will be charged of $10 in every following invoice appicable to every plan setup we offer excluding Free Trial. However, you acknowledge that you are responsible for any usage charges that may have accrued before that time, as well as the current month's service fee and all service fees debited to your account while the service is "on hold" or "on vacation." Please contact (v)WeCare customer service for specific information regarding your service plan.
You understand that failure to pay charges as required will result in the disruption of your Service and your account being turned over to an outside collection agency. You agree to pay account balance, late fees and collection charges if (v)WeCare places your account with an outside collections agency.
You grant permission to (v)WeCare to check your credit history and rating, and to refuse you service or suspend your account at any time based on our evaluation of your creditworthiness. (v)WeCare will establish a credit limit for your account. If the total charges on your account exceed your credit limit at any time, your method of payment will be charged.


Your Service may be canceled with written notice by either party at any time, with or without cause. (v)WeCare may suspend, interrupt, or cancel your service, without notice, for non-payment, or if (v)WeCare reasonably suspects it will not receive payment, or for any violation by you of these Terms and Conditions.
After your Service is cancelled for any reason, you agree that (v)WeCare is authorized to invoice you for any outstanding balance and you agree to pay it. (v)WeCare will not refund a prorated portion of monthly service fees in the event that you cancel Service part way through your billing cycle. Subsequent reinstatements of Service after cancellation are subject to a Service reinstatement fee.